Serbian startup dryTools merges with Silicon Valley’s Alchemy

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Serbian startup dryTools merged with the Silicon Valley based Alchemy, the company announced, reported. Following the merger, the overall technology and the whole team will now become part of Alchemy.

Marko Gacesa, ex CEO at dryTools, now Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Alchemy | Photo credit: Marko Gaseca’s LinkedIn Profile

This partnership is a good opportunity for dryTools to apply its technical skills, said Marko Gacesa, ex CEO at dryTools, now Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Alchemy.

„Our development tools are designed to generate SaaS (Software as Service) codes. We are very excited for this partnership with Achemy’s team who are widely recognized for their SaaS solutions. It is an honor to create a software with a team who appreciate both, the product and the technology behind the product“, Gacesa said.

Sasha Novakovich, CEO @ Alchemy | Photo credit: Sasha Novakovich’s LinkedIn Profile

„With this merger we combine a wide market and great sales experience but also e offer a great technology for software development. Together we can offer our clients a customized platform for product development“, Alchemy’s CEO, Sasha Novakovich explains.

dryToos is a team of developers that help companies to excel by delivering highly readable and clean source code. It is a software tool that automates repetitive actions for developers. Its usage is extremely wide, and it can help developers write better code faster, because of the smart algorithms that power the app. Or as the team put it, it is a tool that in a smart way generates a very boring code that needs to be included when developing an application. According to the company, this tool accelerate the process of programming up to 4 times.

dryTools team at the Conference in Budva last year | Photo credit:

Their product is called Sifu which is an intuitive, rapid software development tool made for creating high-quality web and mobile applications in a fraction of the time. Sifu-DSL is the Domain Specific Language used to create software specifications used by Sifu to translate these specs to source code and other useful stuff Sifu delivers.

As a product was for the first time presented during the conference in Budva last year. Not only they presented their product in front of their peers, but also they won the competition winning an investment from SC Ventures fund and a trip to the  TechCrunch Disrupt Conference that was held last September in San Francisco. The investment from the SC Ventures fund was 300.000 EUR worth. The same fund announced to continue supporting this startup following the merger as well.

Alchemy is cloud-based software for the specialty chemical industry that facilitates the commercialization of new formulations. In the industry, each specialty chemical company has its own set of proprietary processes to develop new products. Alchemy’s configuration engine enables the rapid creation of a digital replica of a company’s best practices