OK! Thess: The 15 startups that are part of the 12th acceleration cycle

With the selection of 15 startup teams for the 12th acceleration cycle, the online Bootcamp of OK! Thess was completed. These teams with innovative ideas in the fields of MedTech, tourism, agritech, information technology and other technology, will attend the full acceleration program of OK! Thess and will receive support for the development and promotion of their business project.

OK! Thess with the main goal of supporting and uniting young entrepreneurs, professionals, researchers and students in their first steps in start-up entrepreneurship, held another Bootcamp online in order to select the best startups and initial stage ideas for the 12th acceleration cycle. Bootcamp stood out for the quality and innovation of the ideas and business proposals but also for the commitment and development of the participating teams, whose members were from Corfu to Rhodes and from Cyprus to Canada and Mexico.

The 27 teams selected to participate in Bootcamp worked intensively on their ideas, developing their business model in the 25-hour online workshops together with the startup coaches of OK! Thess and the trainers of the Greek Volunteer Manager Center (KEMEL). Then they proceeded to the final presentation (pitch) of their innovative business ideas to the Jury, which consisted of the bodies that support OK! Thess: Municipality of Thessaloniki, Alexandria Innovation Zone, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Hellenic Industries Association, Exodos Association Informatics Enterprises of Northern Greece and Center for Business and Cultural Development.

For the 15 teams that collected the highest score and managed to join the 12th acceleration cycle of OK! Thess, the journey to develop their startup continues. From October to December they will attend an online intensive training program with specialized workshops, masterclasses, weekly coaching by experienced entrepreneurs and at the same time they will have significant networking opportunities.

From the beginning of 2017 until today, the acceleration program has supported 107 innovative business efforts and more than 100 jobs have been created by companies that started their activity as OK! Thess teams.

The teams that are part of the 12th acceleration cycle of OK! Thess in alphabetical order is:

1. 3 D Surgical Printing: Develops 3D printing models to assist surgeons in pre-surgical simulation through high-precision models.

2. Airbots Agritech: Automation of agricultural work with the optimal composition and collaborative use of new technologies to fully meet all the needs of agricultural production.

3.BlueMind: Promotes the healing side of scuba diving, making it accessible to everyone, even people who are afraid of water.

4. Enforge: Production management application for crafts that enables the production of a large volume of personalized products quickly and at a low cost.

5. Fitracoon: A platform on which users from all over the world can find trainers for a live online fitness program, from the safety of their home.

6. KuKoo: Electronic platform for listening to Greek audiobooks, online and offline, so that the user can listen to audiobooks anywhere and anytime.

7. Live Virtual Tours: Virtual tours and real-time broadcast experiences to enhance the interactivity in which the user has the opportunity to participate online.

8. Mamamam: Provides healthy baby meals, helping moms save daily time and effort.

9. Medit time: Application with recorded meditation sessions in Greek for the general population but also for individual groups e.g. pregnant women, patients with chronic pain, cancer patients, students, etc.

10. Mobase: Utilizes molecular markers to identify plant and animal species ensuring the reliability of primary production products in plant and animal species.

11. Morphe: Develops 3D printing control software for applications that require a high level of accuracy.

12. Piney: Digital word-of-mouth marketing service for local businesses that connects businesses and their respective offers with Instagram users in the area through a mobile application.

13. Prototypingames: Educational and recreational board games for the visually impaired, color blindness and children with learning disabilities. In each game, the players learn something new.

14. skgcode: A training program for entry-level graduates of IT schools in order to provide them with the appropriate soft skills to enter the labor market.

15. Spiti Experts: Portal of holistic services for the home, which offers users inspiration, products and connection with reliable professionals.
Source: startupper.gr