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SuperFounders prides itself as a leading source of valuable content from experts working in the startup and VC ecosystem from Eastern Europe.

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    • Mission – We are driven by a mission of international and local support for entrepreneurship and innovation. We stay at the forefront and help create the waves that improve human creativity, values, connections. This requires enormous dedication and enthusiasm, love for what we do, in order to endure and make change happen.
    • Impact – Focus on impact. All our projects are designed bottom-up, taking into account the industry, the community and the impact we want to achieve. Coming from strong entrepreneurial roots and building on them, Balkan Unlimited is about making a real impact, often by setting a personal example.
    • International and local – We believe in releasing the human potential from any barriers, political, bureaucratic, access to resources or connections. Also, we believe in the case of Emerging South East Europe, driven by an innovation community. At the same time, the travel limitations dictate that the action is most often local. Therefore our work bridges the gap and develops the local with the international, but from an international mindset. We consider the human aspect and avoid the limitations.
    • Synergy and openness – We preempt the cultural, business and technological trends in order to create partnerships for the greatest impact. Our track record testifies to our Pan-European and regional synergies that produce maximum impact. We find joy in creating together.

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